Michigan and the American Dream





Michigan and the American Dream
Michigan's most famous innovators

Michigan & The American Dream tells the inspiring stories of innovators - ordinary people who beat the odds and changed our lives with their successes.  See how these pioneers with big dreams turned their visions into a reality that, in one form or another, has made life more convenient for all of us!
Andre Blay - Father of the home video
Elizabeth P. MacDonald and Naomi Stenglein - Inventors of
Spic and Span
Elijah McCoy - A post-Civil War African-American who invented the oil lubricating cup better known as "The Real McCoy"
Perry and Ben Feigenson - Creators of Faygo soda pop
Dr. William E. Upjohn - Inventor of the dissolvable pill
Anna Bissell - America's first female CEO
Edwin Shoemaker and Edward Knabusch - Makers of the La-Z-Boy chair
Dr. Samuel P. Duffield, Hervey Parke, and George Davis - Founders of Parke-Davis pharmaceuticals
Orville Gibson - America's Stradivarius of Guitars and Mandolins
Dr. Alexa Canady - First and youngest African-American female neurosurgeon

Run Time – 51 minutes
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