Michigan, It Started Here
Stories of Michigan's most famous "firsts"

From home video to traffic lights to La-Z-Boy furniture, they were ideas that changed the world, captivated our imagination, and redefined the way we live.  And believe it or not, these famous products and more got their start in Michigan.  Find out how it all happened, meet the inventors, see the amazing list of discoveries, and get the real story behind their success.  Don’t miss this spectacular tribute to people, places, and things that put Michigan on the map alongside the auto industry’s Big Three!

Traffic Light
Upton Machine Company (Whirlpool)
Trimline Telephone
Northland Center – America’s first shopping mall
Grand Rapids – First city in America to treat tap water with fluoride
Spic and Span
WWJ-AM – America’s first commercial radio station
Magnetic Video – Creation of the home video industry
Woodward Avenue – America’s first paved road
Davison Freeway – America’s first freeway
Edward N. Hines – Founder of the divided road
Shrine Circus
Kelly Services
Dick Tracy
Ford Airport
Herman Miller Company – Invention of the office cubical
WXYZ-AM – The Lone Ranger and The Green Hornet
Michigan State University – America’s first school of agriculture
Snow plow
Parke Davis
Gibson Guitars

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