For anyone (and we do mean anyone) looking to get started in the exciting field of media production, Dream World Enterprises, Inc., can turn your ideas into a reality!  Knowing how to begin can be tough, especially if it’s your first attempt.  One of the most common mistakes made by beginners is their shared perception that producing video is easy…anybody can do it.  That’s because they think it’s “fun.”  Anything can sound fun, but if you aren’t adequately prepared for the project, the tasks involved can become so overwhelming that you’re now ready to quit. 

Whether it’s a visual, audio, or written piece of work you’re aspiring to create, the final product will evolve into pure crap unless you take the right steps to carefully plan and execute its outcome.  Don’t be fooled into thinking you can “wing it” as those productions are sure to fly away.  Let Dream World be your safe haven by providing the tools necessary to make your vision a view to kill!

Often, the greatest challenge faced by beginners and seasoned professionals alike is deciding what to write on the blank page.  Regardless of skill level, type of industry, or nature of the project, it all begins with translating an idea from your head onto paper.  And more importantly, getting others to see it as you do from reading the words you’ve composed.  The first step in this process (as often required by industry professionals) is to prepare a written proposal.

– The document created should be no more than 2-3 pages with enough detail to clearly illustrate the concept, logistics, and answer any initial/general questions the recipient might reasonably ask.  We advise against the inclusion of financial statements or budget projections in your proposal. Why?  Simply because any hint toward how much the project will cost can either lock you into a commitment you cannot honor or worse yet, scare the solicited party away entirely.  Also, proposals too short/too general leave too much to the imagination and before you know it, you’ll walk out of a meeting with something entirely different than what you submitted.  And proposals that are too long/too detailed generally become snoozers that no one will bother to read.  Keeping it down to 2-3 pages generally works best…see sample: Egomania

If it’s a book proposal that you need to create, that’s an entirely different animal.  These must be approximately 15 pages to include a table of contents and individual chapter descriptions.  See sample: TV Land Detroit.

– A treatment is a detailed narrative of your project.  Treatments are more applicable to the motion picture industry as they are a periscope of the final script.  That’s not to say you won’t be asked to submit one for a television or corporate industrial piece either.  Should a treatment be required of you (and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have one ready-to-go), see sample: The God Squad.

– While scripts can vary in format based on the type of project, Dream World can draft the script you need from A – Z (and we really do mean from A – Z).  The most complex scripts tend to be those that incorporate pre-existing footage and/or interview sound bytes, i.e., documentary style.  This genre is not only a practical first project in television, it also utilizes the same principles/standards applied in corporate and industrial videos.  Valuable editing time is often wasted when the project isn’t edited on paper first.  Too many times the editor has to ask the producer, “What’s next?”  The thread of confusion begins when the writer/producer fails to properly catalog all of the elements causing the editor to sift through a barrage of footage.  Postproduction is costly unless your script is crystal clear for any editor to follow…allow Dream World Enterprises to perform the following tasks for you!

– The first step is to transcribe all raw interviews in their entireties.  This enables the writer to freely view all comments at a glance on paper, thus making it convenient to lace the bytes together in a chronological sequence that tells your story.  This phase of scripting can be very time consuming depending on the length and number of interviews conducted.  We strongly recommend that it be done to accurately measure the validity and context of each byte.  Your memory doesn’t always match what you heard, so an incorrect translation can affect the way the byte is used and edited. 

Audio/Dialogue Script and Log
– Next, we create an audio script and log for the editor assemble the skeletal structure of the project.  The script tells the editor what’s being said while the log shows the location of the material.  See sample: Motor City Celebrities: Lou Gordon Script  Log

Video Script and Log
– To make things even smoother, the visual script will illustrate the exact placement of still photographs and video/film clips.  The most simplistic method is to color code the script so the editor can see on paper the precise spot and duration of the material.  The log serves as a database listing all of the element sources.  See sample: Motor City Celebrities: Lou Gordon. Script  Log

Music Script and Log
– And to complete the final edit on paper, a separate music script and log is generated to easily notate all music cues.  See sample:  Motor City Celebrities: Lou Gordon. Script  Log

Please refer to our pricing guide for quotes on all of the above creative services.

Production Services
Should your project require more than scripting, Dream World Enterprises, Inc. offers full service production packages that include all of the aforementioned scripts and logs.  Our crew will shoot, light, record, and edit your projects with the following equipment:
Digital Cameras - Panasonic HVX-200P P2 Camera
Tape Formats - HD, SD
Microphones - Audio Technica
Lights - Arri theatrical lights
Digital Editing - Adobe Premiere
Please see our pricing guide for package quotes (also see Radio/Audio/Podcasts for audio only productions).

Books, Articles, Press Releases

For those dabbling in the world of books, Dream World can pen a new chapter for you!  If it’s a proposal (see sample listed at left), query letter (see sample), or the entire manuscript, we can transform your story into a piece of literature ready to present to an agent and/or publisher.We’re also ready to draft any articles and/or press releases relating to the publicity of your project, regardless of the industry or type of media.  See sample article and press release.  Please refer to our pricing guide for quotes.
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